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FACE MASK - Fabric double layer

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Linda has been sewing masks as fast as she can - we are doing 3 sizes, adult, youth (or small adult), and child. Each mask is double layer cotton, they're washable and reusable but not medical grade. Made in Edmonton, AB Canada!

Ours fit snugly around your nose and mouth and are secured with 2 elastic straps that go behind the head. You can achieve a snugger fit with elastic that goes behind your head vs around your ears. Wash them gently (using a wash bag is ideal) and hang to dry.

*SIZING NOTE* Because these go around the back of your head the sizing is more about head size than anything else. If you are an adult who wears adult sized hats for instance - get a large. If standard adult sized hats are too big for you - medium. The childrens size is best for kids 8 or under generally. 

There are too many prints to list individually and our fabrics are changing alot so we've grouped them into general categories and you will get one within that theme (may not be pictured - just trust us to send you a nice one!) Keep in mind you can always reverse them as they are double layered so if you really don't like the print you get you can wear it on the plain side instead). Feel free to make a request regarding colour or if its for a man or woman in the order notes at the end and we will do our best to accommodate! Face Masks are a final sale. 

-$10 each

We have kits as well (generally different prints than our ready made masks are made from) and you get everything you need to sew 4 masks on your own:
CLICK HERE to buy a kit

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