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Melton - Black lightweight

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"A  One Time Opportunity!"  
We luckily found a lovely lighter weight melton in the colour black that is perfect for a lighter weight jacket or the classic coat or what ever suits your fancy.  It will not be a regular item so when it's's gone!

Wool melton is 75% wool, is 60 in wide (150 cm) and is approx 22-24 oz per yard.

It is a wonderful fabric that has been used for decades for the traditional club jacket with leather sleeves (bomber pattern #440)....but we have since found it perfect for a lighter weight warm coat (long or hip length) from our classic coat pattern #200....a blazer from our shawl collar blazer pattern #50....and even our famous parka is perfect in melton as it isn't as heavy as the traditional duffle, and so many more. As melton is so tightly woven that it doesn't fray, it is perfect for applique and wall hangings, cushions and more. 


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