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Hi everyone!  We've finally left the beautiful sunshine of Arizona and are now back in the land of ice and snow's melting as I write! It was great fun meeting so many friends down there and of course doing the classes.....but now it's time to get going and  we are getting geared up for the big Creativ Festival in Toronto  25th and 26th of April at the International Centre in Mississauga ( very close to the parking etc.etc.)  It's shaping up to be a great show and since I missed the fall festival....I'll have lots of new stuff to show!!  I will be bringing lots of fabric pieces...we tried that at the last couple of shows and you seemed to love it....2m pieces of all our favorites. I'll have slinky by the mitre in some great new colors....some new knits in some great prints..... and much more!!!
Here are some of the ideas we'll be showing at the Festival.


      SPARKLE IT UP!!!

There's no limit to what needs some sparkle......your shoes, jeans, T-shirts, hair clips,handbags,even your quilts! Come find out how easy it is to do...required no talent or previous experience!

 It's fast and fun for all ages!



Linda MacPhee is making quilts! Here is one of her latest baby quilts (above) done in her famous "quick and easy" fashion. It's a fleece top, printed flannel backing with a rich iridescent taffeta ruffle. The baby details and flowers are all fleece applique....a great keepsake for years to come! It's fine on the bed,, great as a wall hanging , or on the floor as a place to play. (The child's name is Eden)


Linda has been busy repurposing all kinds of garments like sweaters, jeans, ties, T-shirts, and the list goes on! Now it's Men's shirts that become great aprons and the sleeves magically turn into great wine bottle holders. Is there no end???? Come see her do her magic at....(you fill in the time and place)

Remember you can view all of Linda's TV shows on your own computer for free. Go to TV shows and follow the links

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