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The new website is up and running and we are very excited! You may be a little disorientated, but bear with us while we bring you the best experience possible!

We are very excited by the new search feature for instance. Just type the pattern name or number and press ENTER...    another hint: keep scrolling down to see more!

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Summer is a tough time to do much sewing, but there have been a lot of rainy days in this part of the woods. Perfect time for some playing with metals! This picture is of my grandaughter decorating her previously painted rocks. She got very excited about the possibilities of metals and everything to which they could be applied!! We have decorated books, boxes (jewellry boxes), Jeans, wall hangings, T shirts, shoes, phones, iPad covers, and yes even quilts!! 

There's nothing that couldn't use a bit of BLING!

Metals are so easy to apply as they are hot fix.... which means that they have glue on the underside of them and once heat is applied, it is almost an instant bond (that stays through  washing!). You can apply them with an iron or mini iron, but the simplest and most accurate is with the crystallizer (as seen in the picture ) as it concentrates the heat to exactly where you need it and leaves no iron marks on your project.
Here's more pictures of how we've used them...... and by the way check out many 
ready made t-shirts/garments in the stores and see our same metals!


To CELEBRATE this new found FUN, we are offering a SUPER SUMMER SPECIAL SALE ON METALS !!
CLICK HERE to see all the many kinds and colors of what we have on offer

These metals are normally priced at $2.98 for ONE pack of 50 but now we are offering a SUPER PACK which contains 10 regular packs (total of 500 metals) for $16.98 OR EVEN BETTER get 2 of these super packs for just $30.00 !! (1000 metals at HALF PRICE !!!!!). It sounds like a lot of metals but keep in mind a typical project takes between 50 and 100 metals so even 1000 will be gone before you know it !  TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OFFER WHILE STOCKS LAST !!!  

So with that in mind, we'll send you the super packs and you can invite your friends and/or family and have a great party!! Please send us pictures of the works of art you create and we'll add them to our collection on the site!!



Our #336 pattern for the World's Easiest Tunic Top has been flying off the shelves and into wardrobes throughout the nation. 

So... we had to reprint and while we had the chance we added new ideas and pictures to make it even more fun! Click here to order.

Happy sewing/metalling from your friends at Macphee Workshop....Linda

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