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The preferred method of contacting us is by email: 


Order desk : 1-888-MACPHEE (622-7433)
Office: 1-780-973-3516

Important: We are not a retail shop anymore. we are an online mail order company and as such not generally open to the public nor do we have staff available to answer the phone regularly. If you want to visit in person you must contact us to make an appointment well in advance.

Google forces us to add opening hours but in reality we are an online company and as such we respond faster to email. 


Our mailing address is:
#7  54231 Range Road 250, Sturgeon Co. Alberta. T8T 0C2



MacPhee Workshop is . . . Patterns
The best way to get a perfect pattern is to design it, and that is exactly what we do at MacPhee Workshop. We design simple, classic styles that are easy to fit, and fun to embellish and color block. Each pattern, or book, is designed & published by MacPhee Workshop and marketed across the continent. Each pattern is multi-sized and many are unisex. And, the best thing about MacPhee Workshop Patterns is that there are over 150 styles to choose from! Need help with a pattern? Get one of our five videos to help and inspire you. We also stock a wide variety of fabrics, and best of all are our kits that combine both the pattern and the necessary fabric.

MacPhee Workshop is . . . One-of-a-Kind!
Yes, we are truly unique in that we produce 'one-of-a-kind' garments. In fact, MacPhee Workshop produces two complete clothing collections each year - Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Each collection is shown at sewing shows & special showings across the continent. These fashion shows have been the feature event at conventions, and have been the draw for numerous charity fundraisers, as well. Sewers & non-sewers alike enjoy our fashion show experience because the voice of the show, Linda MacPhee, makes it so entertaining. Also, since we have seamstresses who custom-sew our classic garments, you don't have to sew to own a MacPhee Original. We sell our finished garments.

MacPhee Workshop is . . .Spectacular Fashion Shows!
The two MacPhee Workshop Signature Collections (spring/summer & fall/winter) are toured across the continent by Linda MacPhee, herself. Keep in touch with the store nearest you to find out dates and times of showings. Remember - everyone deserves to wear a MacPhee Original - whether you choose to sew your own, purchase your favorite from the show, or have it custom-made by one of our fashion experts. Come to the shows and get inspired!

MacPhee Workshop is . . . Linda MacPhee.
Linda MacPhee, is one of Canada's foremost sewing experts. She is co-founder of MacPhee Workshop (along with her husband Harris), one of Canada's largest

 design houses and pattern manufacturers. Linda, with teaching and Home Economics degrees, in her capacity as Creative Director and Chief Fashion Designer, has been instrumental in developing and producing the over 150 different patterns currently carried by MacPhee Workshop. She is a highly motivated, energetic and talented individual who has been involved in shaping the outerwear fashion industry for many years. Linda has successfully combined good design with quality fabrics to produce a line of custom design clothing and patterns with a distinctive personal flair. She has produced critically acclaimed sewing videos that give the viewer an insight into her creative and infectious ideas in fun, fast, and fashionable sewing projects. Besides creating two collections of MacPhee Designs each year, presenting seminars, appearing on television, and writing newsletters, Linda presents the MacPhee Workshop fashion show to people  throughout Canada and the United States. Linda can also be seen on in her own sewing show "Linda MacPhee's Workshop" , and "Sew Much Fun", currently on CTV2 in Canada  selected PBS stations in the United States.

MacPhee Workshop is . . . Happy Customers
We are continually receiving feedback from our many customers. This feedback ranges from letters to e-mails and includes lots of photos of finished garments on people with smiling faces. These pictures have been taken in some of the most amazing places - so keep your eyes open and your cameras ready and make our day!