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Duffle Wool - Black

  • $74.98

Wool duffle is a tightly woven, heavy weight fabric with a nap on each side. It is easy to work with and very forgiving. 

  • 100% Wool
  • 59" wide
  • 36 to 38 oz per yard in weight.
  • It's extremely warm and has been used in the parka industry for many years
  • if you want more than 5m just order whatever combination of meters get you to what you want (example you want 7m so order 5m and 2m). we will always cut in one piece unless told otherwise

Please Note:
This fabric is both heavy and bulky to ship. Our website calculates an estimated postage cost based on the contents of your order, the amount of fabric ordered and your location.

We will only know the actual cost once your order has been prepared, weighed and packaged. We will contact you if more postage is required or refund the excess if we charged too much.

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