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Metals - 500 pieces - multiple colour options

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If you want to be really popular, we're suggesting that you stock up with metals and let everyone be creative! 

YES, you can embellish almost everything from blue jeans to books with metals!  WHY METALS

They are much less expensive than crystals and come in lots of creative shapes and sizes.

Best of all ....they are HOT FIX which means there is glue already on the back that just needs to be activated with heat. We have included some pictures to get your wheels turning..... 

You can use a CRYSTALLIZER or a mini iron to afix them. Click here to order one.

Try them on T-shirts, shoes, jeans, hair ornaments, picture frames, jewellry boxes, books, lunch kits, even decorative rocks, anything wooden or why not Easter eggs?

Each pack contains 10 individual packets containing approx 50 metals of assorted sizes and shapes* per packet. They are not necessarily the exact same shapes as the ones pictured.

*We have made every effort to make the packs as diverse as possible.

Here's Linda to explain how it's done...

Here are some images to get you in an inspired mood !


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