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Recycled Silk Purses

  • $20.00

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These beautiful, unique and colourful purses are knit in Nepal from recycled silk sari yarn. The yarn is spun from the scraps off of the looms from silk sari manufacturing.  As no 2 skeins of yarn are alike - no 2 bags are. They are all vibrant colours, but some are more red, some more blue, etc. We also have 2 styles of this size purse, a regular knit and a more shaggy knit. Pictured are a representation of a few options. Rest assured they are all lovely!!

- $20 each

- purses are 100% silk and should be hand washed or spot washed and laid flat to dry. They are lined with a burgundy polyester lining and close with a single magnetic clasp (inside). There is also one zippered pocket inside the purse. 

- approx 9"/9.5" wide and 9"/9.5" long. Straps are approx 20" long. * we have one with a longer/crossbody strap (approx 45" long)

- we also carry 2 styles of matching hats and scarves. 


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