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 We have recently discovered the best thing since sliced bread......the joy of a PREWOUND BOBBIN!  These bobbins hold much more thread than when you fill your own as the thread is finer. You can sew pretty much steady all day and never have to stop to change a bobbin!!

 You can use them for your top thread and bobbin or use regular on top and prewound for only the bobbin.

 They come in multi packs of 12 pre wound bobbins with 4 colours (3 black, 3 white, 3 grey, and 3 cream). end up with a bunch of empty bobbins that can be refilled...and who doesn't need some empty ones on hand??

We carry the two bobbin sizes that fit almost every machine, either the flatter one (size L) which fits my Pfaff, or the thicker / taller one (class 15) which fits my Janome. Sorry Bernina faithfuls, they don't do your size of bobbin I’m afraid.

The price is right too. One multi pack with 12 bobbins for the Size L ( Pfaff) is $14.98 and $16.98 for the Class 15 (Janome - bigger bobbin so it holds more thread.)


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