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Finished Cord Lengths

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Used for so many things! Shoe laces, Drawstring cord, Tie straps on masks.....Sold in multiples of 10, Red, Jade, Grey,White, Black, Pink, Turquoise, and Blue. Finished at both ends. Round cord. 

- Black is 5mm and 177cm (68") long
- Red is 4mm wide and 158cm (63") long
- Blue is 5mm wide and 147cm (58") long
- Pink is 5mm wide and 155cm (62") long
- White is 3mm wide and 148cm (60") long
- Turquoise is 5mm wide and 142cm (56") long
- Jade is 5mm wide and 147cm (58") long
- Grey is 4mm wide and 132 cm (52") long

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