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CATNIP BLANKET INSTRUCTIONS (Kit contains fleece, cotton, and velcro)
  • pre-wash your fabric and use a 3/8" seam allowance
  • Cut a piece of cotton and a piece of fleece the same size depending on the size of your pet. For a large cat we cut 20” x 27.5”, for a. smaller cat perhaps go with 15” x 20”.
  •  Place and pin a Velcro piece (3-4” long) on the center of the narrow end of the wrong side of the fleece, close to the edge. Repeat with the cotton (remember to sew it on the wrong side). Stitch them down using a narrow zip zag stitch. Note the Velcro should be facing out as when the blanket is flipped right side out you want the Velcro pieces to stick to each other.
  • Right sides together, stitch (I used a small zig zag) around the edges of the entire rectangle - be careful not to stitch over the Velcro part, that’s where you will leave it open to turn right side out again.
  • Trim your corners, then using the hole where the Velcro is turn your blanket right sides out, be sure to poke out yours corners! Hopefully your Velcro pieces should meet up and stick together, closing your blanket.
  • Top stitch using a straight stitch around the edge of the entire blanket (approx 1/2" from the edge) EXCEPT where the Velcro is.
  • Open up the Velcro and add your catnip. We used about a ½ cup for the large blanket. Shake it around so it spreads thru-out the inside of your blanket et voila – catnip blanket complete and your cat will love you!

You can add more/fresh catnip as needed thru the Velcro opening. Machine wash and dry. Speaking of washing, it’s probably a good idea to pre wash your fabrics before you start cutting and sewing.

MacPhee Workshop 2021