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Shipping Policy

We do our best to keep the shipping costs to the absolute minimum for our customers. Here are some facts about our shipping costs:
  • We send all our mail with Canada Post. We charge a $5 handling fee for special requests.
  • The average pattern weighs between 25g and 100g.
  • The average pattern costs between $2-$3 to send by itself, This is because the minimum charge is $2 regardless of weight (patterns only).
  • The price of shipping increases for every 100g so we can send more than one pattern for $2.
  • The average cost of shipping fabric is between $10 and $25 for between 1m and 3m of fabric.
  • Anything over 500g or thicker than 2cm (for example fabric, notions etc) is sent as an expedited package for the same cost as a standard package, at no extra cost to you. This means it will arrive faster for less.

If you want to place an order with the website but pick up your order from the workshop, make your order and then contact us. We will deduct the shipping from your order.