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Slinky Patterns & Fabric

#311 BLT top and #412 Super Skirt

#311 BLT top and #412 Super Skirt


We are more and more convinced very day that for looks, comfort, washability and ease of sewing- SLINKY IS THE ANSWER . It takes an instant 10 lbs off (as long as it's not too tight). It feels like you are wearing pyjamas. It washes like a dream and sews in an instant.

Slinky comes out of a suitcase or airplane looking as good as when it went in!

Slinky is washable, on gentle cycle.

Slinky is breathable and feels great

We carry the best quality available in acetate with a touch of lycra in 56-60 in. wide (142-150 cm). Most of our slinky is a full 60" wide . All Slinky is not born equal so we carry the best weight and quality in many colours and prints. We carry approx 20 solid colours and a dozen printed patterns.
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Here are some great tips when working with slinky:

Slinky is great for any figure type, it looks fantastic as long as it is not overly tight. If it just skims the body it will hide a multitude of figure flaws. Fit the garment before finishing and make any adjustments. Be sure to take out the measuring tape and measure your bust (not your bra size) and hip (when deciding which size to cut out). Two inches of ease is about right for slinky.

Always be sure that all the fabric is completely on the cutting surface before you lay out your pattern. It will distort under it’s own weight if some is hanging off the table.

We often cut the selvege off before doing the lay out, the fabric lies flatter without it.

The seams can be serged. Adjust the differential feed as needed to get a nice flat seam.

You can also use a regular seam. If you have a walking foot, use it. To avoid any bubbling or puckers use lots of pins and pull a bit when you sew. You may have to experiment a little. Start with a fresh knit needle that is nice and sharp. We always use polyester thread.

Some colours show nap more than others. Ideally cut all your pieces the same direction (we've cheated successfully)
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More Great Suggestions:

Shoulder seams should be supported with twill tape sewn into the seam line on the inside. Use the proper pattern as a guide and cut the twill tape to the correct length. Taped shoulders won't "grow" with the weight of the slinky sleeve. You could also use fusible knit interfacing to support the shoulders.

Curved outside edges (necks, sleeveless arm holes etc) are best interfaced with a 2.5cm (1") wide strip of fusible knit interfacing before being turned under and top stitched. No facings to pop out! Simple finishes are best with this knit.

Hems don't need to be interfaced and can be turned and top stitched in place. A twin needle or cover stitch finish are certainly viable options. For full skirts, we prefer to leave the edges raw. The fabric does not fray and falls more freely without any hemming.

Wash it on the gentle cycle. Gently dry the solid colours in the machine. Lay the prints flat to dry.
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We have also developed an extensive line of patterns that work beautifully with slinky. Our line contains over 20 patterns! (Can you ever have enough slinky?)

#31 Printed or Beaded Slinky Jacket - The Awesome Jacket is a classic that we have made with a one piece body and one piece sleeve, it’s sew simple and elegant. Also see out Kit #31.

#323 Model Tee - We did a simple and elegant T-shirt just for slinky with a variety of necklines.

#385 Party Pant - These have a very neat fitting waistline and we’ve included an optional tummy control panel. The slit at the hemline adds a bit of part panache.

#397 Knit Culottes - These have a very neat fitted waistline and we’ve included an optional tummy control panel. Our culottes are flared just the right amount for a graceful fit.

#418 Sassy Skirt - The basics are a rectangle and shape band. Put the two together and you are done! Add straps and you will have a flirty little knee length dress.

#90 Shimmer Shirt - Our shimmer shirt is a shirt that is fuller at the bottom than the top. It’s great for larger frames. It works well with slinky by removing the collar and rounding the front edge.

#180 Tie Top - A perfect little shawl collar , cap sleeved jacket that ties at the waist! Works well with any slinky basics. Easily finished with lettuce edge.

#311 BLT The Best of Linda’s Tops - It’s an exciting new draped shawl collar top. Make it with or without sleeves. Very becoming for all figure types.

It’s A Wrap - Another new look! It’s a very becoming look, even for those with more around the middle than necessary. It looks great layered.

M&M&M (Magic Minute Makeover) - This is a wonderful draped vest / jacket that covers so well. The body is one piece, so goes together in a minute!

#145 Poncho Party - Although we have made our ponchos in a number of fabrics, making it with slink gives it a great look.

#395 Linda’s Classic Pant - No side seam pant. Just one pattern piece. It’s a winner!

#390 Drawstring Pants - easy fit with pockets and a side seam. This pattern was drafted for woven fabrics so make at least one size smaller for slinky.

#325 Tee With a Twist - A comfortable, easy fit, dolman-sleeve T-shirt, which can be made in a solid colour or pieced.

#412 Super Skirt - A beautiful and becoming skirt featuring 6 gores and elastic waist.

#303 Linda’s Classic Top & Dress - This is a wonderful cap sleeve top that has a variety of necklines. Make it longer and you have a great looking dress.

#403 Two in One Skirt - Gives a different look to a gored skirt. The 4 gore is a classic and the 6 gore has a tulip bottom.

#413 Circle Square Skirt - It is simple and so striking - features a drop waist and asymmetric hemline. (Also includes a top.)

#417 Layered Look Skirt - This is our most unusual skirt featuring three separate skirts, that can be worn in a number of different ways. It also includes a matching top to finish the look.

#360 Ya, But - This is a straight skirt with a half skirt and a top with an asymmetric hem. YABUT it’s a skirt, YABUT it’s a dress. 
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