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The swing coat is a perfect answer for a quick and stylish between season coat. Choose from a draped front, zip front with a collar and/or hood, or a lapped
front. Make it lined or unlined in wool melton, touchdown or nylon, leather or even fleece. Hem the outer edges or finish with wool foldover braid or serging. Add piping to seams for added interest. And if you want to be daring try the swing as a dress or top.
  • Adult Multi sized
  • Full flare style
  • Long or 3/4 length
  • Zip front & a hood or collar
  • Adult pattern also includes the draped front & lapped front variations.
  • Works well in everything drapey from Wool Melton & Victoria to Leather & Yukon Fleece
  • 2 piece sleeve slightly rounded at shoulder

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