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We call them CRAZY PANTS but they are also referred to as HAREM pants, HAMMER pants, HIPPY pants, GENIE pants, YOGA pants, PARACHUTE pants.... and more.

These CRAZY PANTS are the most comfortable and cool pants ever invented. In hot climates they are perfect, as being so loosely fitted, very little fabric actually touches your body. It's like you have nothing on! They are ideal for every body shape as they cover any real or perceived figure flaws!

These pants will stay with you through thick and thin. They are excellent for every outing, from fancy occasion to workout, depending on the fabric used.


1. Pull them up to form capris.

2. Pull them up further and let the hemline bubble to look like a skirt. (but this skirt won’t expose all in the wind!)

3. Pull it up even further (over your bust) for a fun jumpsuit and add an optional neck strap! ...a great bathing suit cover-up!

4. Make the legs more defined (the crotch shorter) by adding a small tab to the centre front and centre back. Attach a chord to the back, bring it between the legs and attach it to the front tab and adjust to your liking!

5. Just wear them as pants, they look and feel great!

Make them for the whole family!

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