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The bomber is sized for both men & women. It features drop sleeves, roll collar, cuffs, elastic inset waistband (or hipband, depending on desired length), pockets, zip
front covered by a flap, and a variety of seam lines to get the best use from your leather. This pattern is also suitable for fabric or a leather and fabric combination.
You can also insulate it for a very smart ski/winter jacket (the different sections are ideal for colour blocking).
  • Adult Multi sized
  • Dropped sleeves, cuffs
  • Collar, hood, or detachable hood
  • 20 cm/8" - 25 cm/10" ease
  • Elastic inset waistband/hipband
  • Patch or zip pockets
  • Zip front with front flap
  • Style divisions great for color blocking
  • Lined or insulated
  • Ideal in leather, also great in everything from wool to Yukon Fleece

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