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Christmas Dogs! - FACE MASK

  • $10.00

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Is there anything  better than dogs? YES- Dogs in Christmas attire!!! Green background. A must have for the festive season!!

We have 3 sizes, Large (Adult), Medium (Youth or Small Adult), and Small (Child). Use the boxes above to choose Size and Elastic Type

For a better idea of the sizes, see the sizing guide below.


  • * Each mask is double layer tightly woven cotton (high thread count) and have all passed the “candle test”. they're washable and reusable but not medical grade.
  • We have had some requests for 3 layer masks - we are happy to custom make you a 3 layer mask ($4 extra) BUT keep in mind recent studies (CBC marketplace) have shown that high thread count 2 layer masks, like ours, are actually more effective than looser weave 3 layer masks. Making a 3 layer mask from our tighter weave cotton results in a rather thick mask to be honest which can be hot and uncomfortable for some people. 
  • * The fabric has been prewashed/shrunk.
  • * Masks are $10 each.
  • * Reversible (we generally use a plain colour on the other side)
  • * The images shown are examples of masks that were made with the fabric.
  • * Every mask is hand made and therefore every cut is unique.
  • * Handmade in Edmonton, AB Canada!
  • * Face masks are a final sale.
  • * Wash them gently (using a wash bag is ideal) and hang to dry.

      Sizing Guide

      The style of our masks is a contoured one that fits snugly around the face covering you from the bridge of your nose to under the chin. Below is a comprehensive guide to picking the size of mask and the elastic type that suits you best:

      Choosing your size – Large, Medium or Small?

      As the full elastic stretches to fit most heads and the earloop elastic is adjustable, the only measurement that makes a difference is really just face size, particularly face height, the distance between nose and chin.


      The large/adult fits most adults, as again, it’s really the height between nose and chin measurement that’s important. Our large mask is approx. 6.5” tall and 9.5” across. The ear loop elastic is 10" long with an adjustment toggle and the full elastic is 11” on the bottom and 13.5” on top.


      The medium/youth size is best for younger teens/tweens or small faced adults and measures approx. 5.5” tall and 8” across. The ear loop elastic is 9.5” with an adjustment toggle and the full elastic is 10” on the bottom and 12.5” on top.


      The small size mask generally fits children between ages 3-7 and measures  4.5” tall and 7” across. The ear loop elastic is 9” with an adjustment toggle and the full elastic is 9” on the bottom and 11” on top. 


      Measure your face from the bridge of your nose to under your chin, make sure you measure down your nose as well as the size of your nose need to be accounted for. If you’re not sure go bigger not smaller. Keep in mind these masks are handmade, not factory made so they are not always going to be exact!


      Full Elastic - behind the head

      Two straps that go behind the head, one that will sit around your neck and the other a bit higher up along the back of the head. You can wear the top elastic low under your hair if you like, but the higher up you wear it the tighter it will pull in the mask along your nose. This creates a really snug fit that will help with glasses fogging etc. The fit is snugger with full elastic, which is our default and most popular. This is the same type of elastic as N95 masks.

      Ear loops - behind the ear

      Two straps that loop over the ears. They have an adjustable toggle on them to fit most people as the length of elastic can adjust. 

      If you are only wearing a mask for short periods you won’t notice a big difference, if you are wearing a mask for longer/full day periods the full elastic is likely a better option for you. We like the full elastic as the mask goes on once over your head and can rest around your neck when you want a mask break and can just be pulled up again quickly when you need it on again. 

      Important note: A full elastic mask can be converted to earloops by cutting the elastic and tying it to fit around your ears.


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