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Happy Bird Kit

  • $9.98

Have a Happy Bird Day!!

Contains fabric (of assorted colors), pattern plus the felt/fleece for wings and top comb, feathers, metals for eyes. You will need stuffing, glue, needle and thread (or sewing machine).

Prices are great when you buy multiples! Get one for $9.98, two for $17.98 or three for $24.98. Or get one for everyone.... 10 for $74.98!!

Note: If you have a preference on colors send us an email after you place your order, otherwise we will choose the colors from those available.

HAPPY BIRDS by Linda MacPhee
These birds are so happy
These birds are so bright
They bring joy and laughter
They’re meant to delight!!
They’ll bring hope and good feelings
If things go REAL bad…
They’ll bring smiles and chuckles
When you thought you were sad!!
They don’t make a noise…
And they don’t make a mess…
Could they be any more perfect?
They harbour NO STRESS!
So hang your bird high
Let it flutter and sway
And look on the bright side

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