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Kai Scissors 9"

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A wonderful pair of scissors  - a joy to work with!

Simply the BEST scissors and I wouldn't be without them wherever I go.

  • Kai 7000 Series 9"
  • Very smooth cutting action
  • Extremely sharp and long lasting
  • Cut right to the very tip!
  • Bonus! Cut comfortably with the left or right hand!!

Here's what Linda has to say about KAI Scissors:

I have long believed that good scissors are sew important to a happy and productive sewing experience. I've heard the comment at many sewing shows "if men had to put up with inferior equipment in their tool shops, they would chuck the bad stuff and get good stuff without question!!"

The best scissors that I have used in my 40 plus years of sewing are the KAI brand. I discovered them a few years ago and every time I use them I am delighted at the pleasure/cut they give me!

One test I have always used to judge scissors is will they cut at the tips? i.e. Can they make a sharp cut when you just snip? My KAI scissors (no matter what model) do just that! The other test is will they stay sharp? I have not had to sharpen them yet and I do a lot of cutting!!

With gift season approaching maybe new scissors should be on your list this year?


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