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MacPhee Fleece JADE

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We are sew proud of our outdoor fleece. It's always been our belief that anything worth doing - is worth doing well - so don't be disappointed by using junky fleece! Ours is the closest to "non-pill" that exists. It machine washes and dries beautifully and looks good after years of wear. It won't matt and pill like some you see. Not only is it warm but it also wicks moisture and insulates even when damp. Make sure you use the right side! Pull the fabric across from selvage to selvage - it will roll to the wrong side. And, because it has a double face finish it won't fray making it ideal for appliques.

  • Price is $17.98 per meter

Please Note! The maximum length of fabric that can be ordered on the website is 10.0 meters at a time.

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