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Quilt/Craft Melton variety packs

  • $19.98

Quilters are using Melton by the truckload so we created this variety pack with Quilters in mind. It's also great for non-quilters as well though! Use this pack for making Christmas ornaments, wreaths, gnomes, cushions, wall hangings or any applique you want as Melton doesn't fray! Variety packs include 5 different colours, each 12" x 8". One pack will fit in an envelope so shipping is only $3.50 to Canada or $6 to the States. 

There are 3 types of variety pack to choose from- 

Classic pack includes  RED, BLACK, ROYAL BLUE, OFF WHITE, and LIGHT GREY all for the great price of $19.98!! 

Nature pack includes MAROON, DARK GREY, BURNT ORANGE, DARK NAVY, and MOSS all for the great price of $19.98!!

Fireworks pack includes GREEN, YELLOW, BRIGHT ORANGE, PURPLE, and MED BLUE all for the great price of $19.98!!

Can’t decide? Buy one of each ( all 3) for $49.98 and save $10 vs buying them individually! 

-Wool Melton is a tightly woven fabric 75% wool and 22-24oz

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