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Wool APPLIQUE...... it's the BEST!

I love to applique.....and have done much of it over the years.  Two things that I think are so important.....use something that doesn't fray so you don't have to worry about  turning under the edges.  The other thing is don't want to it to look worn after a few years.  WOOL MELTON IS THE ANSWER. 

Felt has often been used but felt is not a woven fabric, it is pressed fibres so it will not hold up like the woven melton fabric.  Remember the appliques on older parkas?? The felt had worn and the applique was raggy looking.

We've put together some wool scrap bags that would be perfect for any applique project.

Click here to take a look!

Here is a selection of items I have appliqued over the years.  The process is simple.  Iron on a fusible adhesive(I use Heat and Bond Lite)to one side of the melton(there really is no right or wrong side).  Trace or draw your desired shape onto the paper side, cut it out, and place it adhesive side down to your base and press.  To secure it either straight stitch around the edges or do a narrow zig zag.I don't use a satin stitch as it takes too long but if you want to do it, it looks great.  I also recommend using invisible thread for your top thread so you don't have to keep changing thread. 

873 Folk Art Applique

831 & 832 Copy Cats Applique Patterns


833 Shoe Applique Pattern