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"Bernie" Mittens

"Bernie" Mittens

Well everyone seems to be talking about Bernie and his mittens these days, so we thought we'd help you achieve "the look"! If you've ever inadvertently shrunk a wool sweater in the wash, you're half way there already! The shrunken (felted) sweaters become the fabric you can use to create beautifully warm mittens!! The ones in the picture are from an old sweater of my husbands that shrunk. We used our fusible knit interfacing to stabilize the sweater, allowing you to treat and cut it like fabric, and used a scrap of fleece to line them.  We wrote a mitten book in 1981 with patterns (multisized) for 7 different styles of mittens. Mittens don't change but the fabric you use can, and this year it's all about the SWEATERS!!   We actually have even updated the mitten pattern with specific directions for the recycled sweater mitts during our last reprint.....

Check your closet or local thrift store for the sweater and click here for the pattern


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