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UP-cycling Project combo - Special Offer

UP-cycling Project combo - Special Offer

With Spring in the air in quite a few places, can Spring cleaning be far behind??  If your houses/sewing rooms are anything like ours, you've got some stuff you can repurpose or use up! We decided to create a new PATTERN COMBO to help! This one is  all about UPCYCLING and REUSING all those goodies you've been finding around your home! The It includes 4 great patterns and costs $20 which makes each pattern only $5.00 (a saving of $3.00 per pattern!!).


#117 Shirt Apron and Wine bottle holder - made from men's shirts, great way to use up clothes that no longer fit or aren't worn, great gifts too!

#30 Awesome Jacket - Check out the "Jacket made from JEANS" video on our home page, loads of great ideas on how to repurpose old jeans into jackets

#725 Sensational Scarves - 4 different scarf patterns in this one pattern, all are great but the one we've been making lots these days is the cowl scarf that can be made with pieced t-shirt knits, you only need small bits so a great way to use up those pieces that are too small for anything else or even cutting up and repurposing those tshirts you no longer wear!

#880 ReUsable Shopping Bag - you can never have too many reusable shopping bags! These work best out of nylon, but you can use anything from cottons to rayons to mesh! Dig thru your fabric stash to find something that is non stretch and relatively lightweight and start making bags!

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