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Adorable little gnomes



Hello again……It must be fall as everyone seems to be ordering lots of supplies so it will be another busy season!  It was great seeing so many familiar faces at both sewing shows in September.….and also seeing so so many new ones!  

Speaking of customers……

A HAPPY CUSTOMER who bought our wool scrap bag and fur scrap bag at the Calgary show and she emailed a picture of her wonderful results!!  The fur scrap bags also make great pom-poms for toques or whatever...


What a great idea and what fun for Christmas presents!


Wool scrap bag

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Fur scrap bag

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Adorable little gnomes



ANOTHER HAPPY CUSTOMER shared her newly finished MUKLUKS with us. ….and what a fine job she did!! 


Remember we have everything  you need and  you know ….the snow will soon be coming!! They are the best boots you could wish for….it’s like walking barefoot in the snow (they are so light) but your feet are toasty warm!  Remember we have all the supplies you need plus the direction book! (click to order)

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Speaking of keeping warm…we have just received a bunch of new melton colors.  


Melton is the firmly woven wool (that looks sort of like felt) and is great for any sort of Jacket or Coat or of course PARKA.  


The new colors are a RIch Royal Blue, a nice Heathery Mustard, An Eggplant Burgundy, A Soft Grey,and a lovely Deep Red. These are in addition to our regular colors !  


We also suggest it for the tops of mukluks, wool appliqué on garments, cushions.etc. or even my new PUFFIN PICTURE!  

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selection of Melton




We were fortunate enough to find a beautiful lighter weight melton in Black only that will work nicely for capes, swing coats, blazers and more.  It’s soft and drapeable(same great price) and won’t last long ….


click here to see/order it! We might not be able to find it again….



FUSIBLE KNIT INTERFACING….We sold out of it at the shows and have had to replenish our stock…..


WHY DID WE SELL OUT?  the machine EMBROIDERY people are loving it for the stability it provides at the back of their work.  It’s of course great to use every time I cut the sleeves off or create a hood from the body of a sweater I iron on a strip where I’m going to cut to prevent the cut knit edge from disintegrating!


It’s great if you are making mittens from sweaters too... to hold things stable and make them easy to assemble.  . I’ve had many calls for mitten patterns(from people using sweaters) and I always send them our mitten book(#902) which has complete full sized patterns and directions for 6 different styles. It has been a best selling pattern for years!!

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This new jacket was made possible by the use of this interfacing!  It’s the URBAN JACKET# 55. it was inspired by the sweater I found in a thrift store. 



Keep sending your success pictures and we’ll keep sharing them.


Happy sewing till next time!  



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