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Linda's latest YouTube Video!!

Another quick and easy project that I love. THANKS FOR THE SPLENDID RESPONSE FROM OUR LAST NEWSLETTER.

Plastic bags are the plague of this planet so here's how to help!  You need one (or 2 or 3) that are SMALL enough to fit in a purse or clip to your backpack and are able to be WASHED. I first printed this pattern #880 in 1990 and now 28 years later it's still selling like crazy!

What a fine gift for Mother's day and an even greater gift for MOTHER EARTH !!  We are so convinced of it's worth that we did a FUN, INSTRUCTIONAL YOU-TUBE video to inspire and help you.  

Yes we do have KITS AVAILABLE...

The kit includes the pattern, nylon fabric and velcro …... enough to make 2 bags !   

Click here to buy a kit

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