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Mukluks Kit - Everything you need for making mukluks!

This is an article for those of you considering making your first pair of mukluks or if you are a veteran and looking for supplies. Let me tell you that you have come to the right place.  We have everything you need starting with the pattern. Keep reading all the way to the bottom for a bonus!

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Moosehide, cowhide, and deerhide can all be used successfully for moccasins or mukluks. The thickness of the hide generally varies with the age of the animal. The idea piece of leather should be thick (so it is strong), but pliable so it can be sewn and gathered without too much difficulty. I find mooshide is generally both strong and plable so it is great but lots of cowhide is very similar too. Deerhide generally tends to be lighter. Split hides (suede both sides) are generally very tough and difficult to sew. The unsplit hide can be used either the suede side or smooth side outside. The suide side used as the right side tends to show less dirt than the smooth side, so is often what I choose. It is also less slippery.

We choose our hides for you with care! Our leather can be found by clicking here.


Glover's needles, which are needles with a three cornered knife edge point are necessary for hand sewing. Size 5 is the size I usually prefer. All needles are not born equal so make sure the one you get is sharp! A leather wedge needle can be purchased for sewing leather by machine.

Our needles are sourced from trusted suppliers and are razor sharp! They can be found by clicking here.


A strong thread should be used. Nylon thread, about size 40 is ideal. Ideally the color should match the color of the leather but it shows very little so is not crucial. If thread is waxed, by pulling it through a piece of beeswax, it holds better and tangles less.


This is firmly woven wool fabric that can be used for the tongue and upper part of the mukluk. It comes in many colors.

Our melton cloth can be found in various colors here


Wherever melton is used it should be lined or backed with a firmly woven fabric like denim or commander (also known as poly-cotton poplin).


Fur, braid, embroidery, beading, rick-rack etc can be used to decorate both the tongue or the top of the mukluk. The amounts used will depend on individual preferences. Email us if you are looking for anything specific. We have too many to put on the website but we can surely recommend a suitable trim!


To make the mukluks warmer and to give them some shape and body, I like to build mukluks around a pair of wool felt boots. Heavy socks are not required if boots are used. Wool felt liners can also be purchased or sewn using pattern #704.

Our felt liners are made for us and we have them for adults, youths and even children! They can be found by clicking here


Waffle rubber is a natural rubber product with a rough surface used on the sole of many commercial boots.  It is easy to cut and glue onto the sole of your mukluks not only giving more traction in slippery conditions but also protecting the leather sole of your mukluks for many years!

Our popular waffle rubber can be found here in natural or black.



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