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Newsletter fall 2018


It's been a great Summer (and it's not over yet!)......BUT it is time to think sewing again!

Here's what Happening in the Macphee Workshop World.....


We have been having super fun with jean jackets...make them short or long....make them with sweater sleeves..... make them with no sleeves... make them with a hood........make them from used Jeans,Ties, favorite fabric scraps and voila...a WINNER!! All you need is JEAN JACKET #295 (click to order) maybe a sweater and a little imagination!


Yes that’s a dyed doily on the back in the second picture!  In the next 3 pictures you will see that I bought two pairs of each kind of capris (they were on sale) and cut one set up to create the matching jacket!  I took the sleeves out of a sweater to create the sleeves and got a bonus sleeveless top!

Another of my Favorite Patterns this season is the AWESOME CREATIVE PATTERN #30 (click to order). My sewing buddy Doreen and I have just gone nuts with this one! We cut the one piece body from our favorite Kasha fabric (click to order) which is the flannel backed satin. With the flannel side up, we covered it with bits and pieces of fabric.....stitched it in place and then proceeded to finish the jacket with sweater sleeves etc.etc. No two are ever the same and they just keep getting better and better. They are contagious!!

Here’s some pictures:


STAY TUNED for more pictures and kits in the next newsletter!!

Here's What it looks like before the jacket's really a QUILTING PROJECT!!


The ANNUAL SEWING AND CRAFTING ALIVE show will be held in Edmonton (actually Millenium place in Sherwood Park) on SEPT. 7 & 8 which is just over 3 weeks away! We will also be at the Calgary sewing show SEPT 21 & 22 (Spruce Meadows) - two weeks later!

We will be there with all our goodies...Lots of NEW GARMENTS......NEW FABRICS...... NEW PATTERNS...... and loads of NEW IDEAS!!!! I will be doing lectures/demo’s and of course our always popular FASHION SHOW.......

It's not like you might imagine a real fashion show to be…....It's a fun filled expression of Creativity shown on real people (like real customers) wearing our garments that make them all look and feel good ....and it's not rehearsed!! Everything is made simply....even some one piece patterns that can be put together sew quickly! Everyone needs some new updates to their wardrobes....don’t miss it !!

Here's another thought…IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP MODEL…..Email me at  It’s a lot of fun!!

23rd Annual Edmonton Creativ Festival WEST…

September 7-8 Edmonton  Friday 9am – 6pm Saturday 9am – 5pm. 

Millennium Place, Sherwood Park

September 21-22 Calgary  Friday 9am – 6pm Saturday 9am – 5pm. 

Spruce Meadows

For the latest information including tickets click this link


This fall we are celebrating our 40th year in business! Time flies when you're having FUN! I'm proud to tell you that we were able to donate $1000.00 from sales of our #67 LOOKING GOOD pattern (the one I dreamed up and created while undergoing CHEMO and RADIATION) to Cancer research.. It has been a GREAT- SELLING Pattern and has been used in many classes across the continent!  I am also alive and well..... Thanks to the great care and treatment I received…..and celebrate every day as a cancer survivor!

Here's a couple of pictures of the pattern on my sewing friend Wanda and me.  I’m also wearing our #370 Salsa Skirt pattern


If you’re within WALKING/RUNNING/DRIVING/FLYING DISTANCE TO THE SEWING SHOWS …… HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!! Wear a garment made from one of our patterns to enter a special prize draw!!

Happy Sewing …… LINDA


Here's a fun project I just created using our wool scrap bags (click to order)......I love Puffins !   


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