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More Christmas Gift Ideas

Hello again everyone!

I promised more Christmas gift ideas so if you are one who hasn't got it all on.....This one involves NO sewing. It's my wonderful scissors....every day when I use them...I thank my lucky stars as they are such a treat!! We have had many testimonials Like this one....(add testimonial). The joy is that they cut multiple layers of fabrics easily and they cut cleanly right to the point of the scissors which is such a treat! Our deal for these scissors will last until the end of 2016!!.The suggested retail price is $129.98.......and we are offering them at the amazing price of $99.98........because we think everyone who sews deserves THE BEST SCISSORS OUT THERE!! can also buy yourself a gift!


I'll start with a couple of my favourites that I have made and given multiple times and ones that are always much appreciated (they tell me!).


I'm giving my grand kids fabric with the promise that we can sew it together into the item of their choice. I think that is the better way (depending on their age) instead my sewing something that I think they would like. It will be way more fun to let them be involved..and even perhaps sew it themselves. Here are some suggestions. Click on the patterns below to take a look! (There are sew many simple ones!!) Have Fun!!



We just received some new fabrics but I want to mention one in particular, it's called Plissé. It makes up into the most elegant pillows or cushions ever! We tried runners too which of course can be any width and length, even a tablecloth which is the fastest gift ever (simply cut your rectangle and rolled hem the edges). You still have time to make these for an elegant Christmas or New Years Table!


Better still, it's 120 inches wide which is AMAZING, 100% polyester so is washable and it's simply contagious. Once you make one item, there comes many more! Below are some pictures to get you motivated!


We've added all these new fabrics to a new section of the website called "Fun Fabrics". You will want to revisit this section often!

Click here to see all the Fun Fabrics

Don't forget to visit our mukluk section for all your mukluk supplies... We have a wonderful selection for your fur and faux fur needs and if you want to get yourself a present for yourself... I recently brought back my DVD.. SEW MANY COATS.. It's a double gift, I'll guide you on everything about making coats and get you making yourself or loved one, their own special coat! Oh and don't forget we also have jewelry for last minute, beautiful gifts to go with that special garment !! (Another section of the website you will want to revisit... it's going to keep on growing!)

Well enough for this time....keep that sewing machine humming..... mine certainly is!


Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year !! 


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