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Making Mukluks in Mesa and More!

I also just received an email from a happy customer who has just completed her first pair of mukluks.  Here is a picture she sent.... GREAT JOB Carole (from Salem, Oregon)!

​Yes....You can do it too!! Carole got the book and watched the DVD and look what she achieved....first try! She is of course already talking about what her next pair will be!!​


If you haven't had mukluks ever....they are the best! We recommend building them around a pair of wool felt boots so they are light, very warm and easy to put on.


Here's a list of what you need:​


Wool Felt Liners/Boots



Leather Needles

Nylon Thread

Braid/Beaded Fringe


Book of Directions


Waffle Rubber (optional)

Mukluk Supplies & DVD

As you can see we have everything you need to make your own mukluks (including a DVD with instructions!). Call us or visit our website


You can call us 1-888-622-7433 or email us at for the supplies (like Carole did).

The DVD is only $19.98 and it contains 13 half hour television shows including the one that shows you step by step how to make mukluks!

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